Text by Simon Vincent

We meet a client to discuss a project or product, say, a publication, an annual report or a newsletter. Something they have in mind or something they are already producing and need help with.

Then, they share with us their goal for the project and what they hope we can contribute to it. In turn, we share our thoughts and suggest new ways of realising whatever plans and ideas they have for the project.

What I’ve outlined above is how, typically, an editorial or/and design project would take off at Tuber. When we began working on Fly-A-Way, though, we were in new territory.

Fly-A-Way would be our own project and we would have to set our own parameters for realising it. This new reality posed its challenges, of course, but it also excited us and, as we found, there were overlaps, along with divergences, between our usual work and game development.

Maybe you, who are reading this, also work in some creative field like us and are curious about what it would mean to expand into game development. Maybe you simply love games and are curious about what working on it on an organisational level is like.

Whatever the case, we hope that what we share here would be useful in thinking about the resources and talents you need and might already be able to tap in your organisation for game development.

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